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Vaccines In My Food

Vaccines In My Food

By: Daniel Laudon

About two weeks ago, this first came to my attention when I read a headline called “Can your food vaccinate you?” I thought, “What is this?” Red flags waving… something new; and how have I not heard about it? I followed along and found an article about a bill that was being passed to outlaw this new type of food engineering. So I had to dig deeper. What I found is scary and shocking. I have a concern about the food in America and the future of food.

To understand food being able to carry mRNA you have to be able to understand what mRNA is and how it works, which mostly has become widely known in the most recent Covid vaccine. You also have to be able to decide for yourself if it worked and if not and why is it continually being pushed. This article is written off of my opinion of the vaccine and truth be told, it is based on my concern on all vaccines.

The Laudon family has always taken a stance against vaccines. We have received a lot of criticism for this over the years. The basis of our stand on vaccines comes from the belief that God created us with everything we need for our health and wellness. What we need to heal has been put on the Earth around us. Through the years people have studied plants, researched minerals, and tried different remedies as new diseases we have not seen before have come up. I believe this is real science.

From the start, vaccines were created using ingredients not growing around us for our health to help feed and nourish the body so it could respond to attacks. Every vaccine has been different, but according to Ellen Bishop “Vaccines by definition have a piece of a virus or bacteria”, most mimic parts of the disease, are diluted and injected into your system that forces your system to respond. Therefore creating resistance to whatever disease you were dealing with, and that’s what the vaccination was designed for. Most of these vaccines were for kids and were always filled with carriers that are often very toxic, which we believe have multiple side effects. Studies suggest these side effects are most times way more harmful than the original symptoms it was trying to protect against. This creates new symptoms that need to be treated and doctors were happy to do this keeping the patient dependent on them for wellness.

I am not a scientist or a doctor. I have read a lot about the mRNA Covid vaccine from people that know much more about it than me. The simplest way to explain how it works is it teaches your cells how to make copies of the spike protein. If you are exposed to the real virus later (and that is how Covid was thought to attack) it would recognize it and fight it off. One of the key biological characteristics of SARS-CoV-2 is the presence of spike proteins that allow these viruses to penetrate host cells and cause infection. After the mRNA delivers the instructions it would break down and your system would get rid of it like any other toxic waste.

The concerns people have are mostly centered around the fact that can your system handle such an unnatural spike in protein. Do the Nanoparticles flush out of your system? Do they have an effect on your blood and show up in the cardiovascular system and mess with your DNA? Moderna has documented discussions on this. In these documents what is revealed is shocking. The center of the risk of developing and getting approval for a new category of drug that has the potential to permanently alter your DNA and is already considered a gene therapy. The actual development cycle for this type of drug would be in the vicinity of 10-20 years and that is for good reason. The idea of putting something in your body that could permanently change the building blocks of your humanity (your DNA) is a very big deal and exceedingly complex but… These studies and conversations were ignored.

There were many concerns about the vaccine from people I trust as soon as it came out. People did their own research (which I love) and most fell into two camps: 1. they highly dis-trusted it and felt that there was something off about it or 2. they felt the risk of the side effects overrode the consequences of not taking it and possibly contracting Covid, which at that time we were hearing had a very high fatality rate.

It is now almost two years later, and the playout of the vaccine has not gone as anyone hoped or imagined. Although there is still a large group that continues to take it and feels the risk is worth it, there are many who are digging in and are finding data that is alarming. The amount of deaths and illnesses as a side effect is like no other vaccine in the past. What is super confusing is the strong push to get more people vaccinated. Covid has run its course it would seem. Most of it is behind us. Why push the vaccine if it has any risk to vaccinate against a disease that is no longer a risk? There have been accusations that some of the side effects and deaths have been covered up. Why?

And now what about the food? There are studies being done that seem to have proven that you can get vegetables and legumes to carry vaccines. These studies have shown success enough that they are beginning to try to incorporate this into agriculture in America. Edible vaccines are subunit vaccines where the selected genes are introduced into the plants and the transgenic plant is then induced to manufacture the encoded protein. So very soon there is a risk that the general food in the grocery store could possibly be vaccinating you against a disease very similar to going to the doctor and getting a shot in the arm. While some might think this is an amazing advance in science to be able to vaccinate a population and they don’t even know, those of us that believe that vaccines are toxic and poisonous have huge concerns.

Here’s the question; why would you continue to put so much effort into trying to vaccinate the population when there is clear evidence that it was not safe or effective? At least not anywhere close to what they claim, yet they’re spending huge amounts of money to figure out new ways to administer it.

The information on this is still coming out and I will be writing more about it. Also, look for an article soon on how this differs from GMOs.

Please note this is exclusively on vegetables… I will be writing soon about the concerns with mRNA meat.

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