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Empowering people to live health-conscious lives.



In a world where no one wants to be accountable. I’m writing this to call out people to at least be responsible for their own health. No one will care for you and your loved ones like you do! I believe you can control your own health.



This year has brought extra challenges.  No matter what you think or where you stand, the constant onslaught of information about coronavirus is overwhelming.  Contradicting opinions and flip-flopping from various health authorities about how to protect yourself has shaken me as I believe it has for many of you.



On top of Covid another impacting health concern has been Cancer. Two of my close friends have family members battling the disease. Forcing them to make decisions with their loved ones that none of us ever want to make.  



What voice do you listen to in times like these? Do doctors really know? Can you trust your doctor?! Do scientists have the answers? These are all powerful questions. In the past I have encouraged people to ask themselves these questions, but now people are asking me on their own.  



 Questioning it all is one of the most important things you can do in this life.  

I don't seek to answer these questions.  I am committing my life to help those who are truly dedicated, find these answers through two simple steps;  #1 I will bring together experts—surround you with people that I trust and have helped my family as well as myself answer these questions. #2 Trust yourself—I will encourage and teach you to listen to your body, to make the choice to give it what it really needs.



50 years ago, my mother made choices on how she was going to live and raise me, along with my siblings.  I want you to do the same.  Never trusting until you've studied and never acting until you've listened to your body.  Raising the unpopular flag once again in a haze of confusion where healthcare has become nothing but big business, you can live healthily without fear!  This belief prompted my mother to start this business.  A place where you can get items that she herself approves and uses.




Where you can find us…



Our quarterly catalogs are a  great source of information.  They include articles about health and nutrition from different sources, product information, recipes and more. They also contain a variety of extremely healthy foods and supplements.



On our website you can connect to our blogs-where we post articles along with healthy suggestions, you can meet our team and learn the Laudon's story.



Our Call Center has 15 highly trained attendants.  They know our products, they are regularly counseled by herbalists and supplement suppliers to know what products to suggest for most commonly faced health issues.



Our company herbalists and family herbalists. We have on staff herbalists who have been practicing for over 20 years for more advanced issues.



Our Facebook Instagram and Twitter where you can find helpful ideas, pointers, and recipes.




If you, my friend, have read to here and are still nodding then you are my people.



Please let me know what you're dealing with and how we can better help you.



Connect with me.

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