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How Colostrum Works to Protect Your Kids

How Colostrum Works to Protect Your Kids

How Colostrum Works to Protect Your Kids
 By: Chavvah Laudon

"My kids have been sick all winter!" my friend moaned. "I don't know what to do anymore!" She is a good mother. She is careful to provide natural nutrition to her children. And yet, once one gets it, they pass it to the others at lightning speed. 

She isn't alone. My church life group tends to be small during winter. It's not just the ones with kids, but children do manage to get sick easily. Children touch things--anything, then put their hands in their mouth or touch their food. Germs take delight in these perfect circumstances then spread further through the poor self-care of children--running noses, unexpected sneezing, coughs without cover.

Another problematic part of sick children is they are fussy about what they will take. While an adult (most anyway :) ) will buck up and swallow Echinacea and Goldenseal, children don't see the need. They may be sick as a dog, but they won't take something that tastes bitter or unappealing. 

Enter Chewable Colostrum!

Chewable Colostrum comes in two tasty flavors--Orange Creamsicle and Strawberry. These chewable tablets are so delicious even kids love them! Imagine little bites of immune boost your children love!

Why Colostrum?

If you grew up on a farm, you are likely already familiar with Colostrum. It is the milk that a mother gets in immediately after giving birth. This milk is uniquely high in antibodies which fight against pathogens that can make the baby sick. Since the baby's immune system isn't built up yet, the Colostrum provides cover for the vulnerable baby for the first few days (if allowed free access to its mother’s milk).

Scientists have also found that these immune-boosting properties behave similarly in humans. In other words, people who take Colostrum also get that immune boost and the antibodies that fight dangerous pathogens. This makes Colostrum an excellent choice for those times when sickness prowls and fighting it off is hard.

Synertek posted an article titled Bovine Colostrum Emerges as Immune System Modulator reprinted from American Journal of Natural Medicine and written by Rona P Zoltan which says, 

Colostrum is the first mammary secretion that a mammal provides for its newborn. It contains numerous immune system and growth factors as well as essential nutrients, trypsin and protease inhibitors that protect it from destruction in the GI tract. It is estimated that colostrum triggers at least fifty processes in the newborn. Bovine Colostrum is biologically transferable to all mammals, including man and is much higher in immune factors than human mother¹s Colostrum.

Colostrum's ability to plow through the digestive system and still do its work is impressive! Only a Creator God could have engineered a process like this!

When do I use Colostrum?

Colostrum can be used every day. Because it is itself an elixir that fights disease, it is valuable to take all the time, especially during times of peak sickness. 

Think again of the children discussed above...little hands touching public spaces...the fingers touching food, faces and mouths. Their small bodies tumbling over each other, sharing books and toys...their tiny immune systems are certainly stressed to the max. No wonder they get sick so easily!

Now think about giving those little immune systems a boost that has disease-fighting properties built right in! It's not just another health supplement that activates the child's immune system, it can act on behalf of the child's immune system! As those germs swarm about your child, challenging his/her immune system to a showdown, the Colostrum steps up, providing a wall of defense.

For that reason, many find Colostrum to be an essential daily supplement--not just when the children get sick. While fighting a virus or bacteria, Colostrum certainly may be a great choice. It may also be an equally good choice to ward off disease.

More than just an immune booster

While Colostrum is well documented for its immune properties, it is also renowned for gut-balancing properties. Similar to a probiotic, Colostrum can balance the gut, and it's flora. Gut health is vital to overall health.

Colostrum has also been used to reduce inflammation, for allergy-relief, better metabolism, and asthma support. It has even been used by athletes to support lean muscle mass.

Colostrum can soften tissue, reverse aging, and help autoimmune disorders. It has also been found to be helpful for diabetic patients. Zoltan's article goes on to say, 

Juvenile diabetes (Type I, insulin dependent) is thought to be brought about through an autoimmune mechanism, possibly initiated by an allergic reaction to the protein GAD found in cow¹s milk (2). Colostrum contains several factors, which can offset this and other allergies.

Colostrum IgF-1 can bind to both the insulin and IgF-1 receptors found on all cells. Human trials (39) in 1990 reported that IgF-1 stimulates glucose utilization, effectively treating acute hyperglycemia and lessening a Type II diabetic¹s dependence on insulin.

While I can never predict how Colostrum will affect you, the data on its benefits are overwhelming! Colostrum has been a significant help to me in my health journey, and I love to share its possibilities with others. Only you and your health care professionals know what is best for you and your families. If colostrum seems like a good fit, why not give it a try for yourself and your children?



Zoltan, Rona P. “Bovine Colostrum Emerges as Immune System Modulator.” Synertek Certified 4 Hour Colostrum, American Journal of Natural Medicine. Reprint from March 1998. Bovine Colostrum Emerges as Immunity Modulator. Full article and references can be found at 18 March 2020.

© 2020. Used by permission 

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