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Mama Bear Prenatal, 120 Tablets


This whole foods prenatal was specially formulated, it combines essential trace minerals with herbs that are highly recommend during pregnancy, making it one of the most complete and effective prenatal vitamins available.

FertilAid for Women, 90 Capsules


Provides all the ingredients of a complete prenatal multivitamin and the ingredients of a science-based herbal fertility enhancing supplement. ObGyn formulated and recommended for those struggling with female infertility.

Eve Women's Multiple Vitamin, 180 Softgels


This award-winning formula provides a broad range of nutrition in a synergistic manner often lacking in a women's diet. With Evening Primrose, Cranberry, Green Tea, Horsetail Silica & CoQ10. 

CountBoost For Men, 60 Capsules


Vitamin, antioxidant and herbal support for low sperm count. A non-prescription dietary supplement formulated specifically to help men increase low sperm count. Not a standalone product, designed to be taken along with FertilAid for Men.

Testosterone UP Red, 60 caps


Testosterone UP RED™ is a unique 2-in-1 formula for men of all ages. It is designed to help enhance male vitality and performance by boosting testosterone levels already within the normal range.

Adam Men's Multiple Vitamin, 180 Softgels


Superior Men's Multi with Saw Palmetto, Plant Sterols, Lycopene, Nettle Root & CoQ10. Multi-vitamin softgels are gentler and easier to swallow & absorb.

Daily Super Greens- Berry Blast, 10.6oz


Imagine a great tasting drink with a super blend of superfoods, enzymes, probiotics, fiber, trace minerals, and tons of phytonutrients!Daily Super Greens is a ready-to-mix green powder that can help you detox, cleanse your body, and have you feeling your best every day.

Vitamin C-500 Orange Chewable, 100 Lozenges


Vitamin C is a water soluble nutrient well known for its vital role in the immune system. It is also a highly effective antioxidant that can protect the body’s cells and molecules from damage by free radicals and reactive oxygen molecules

Wheat Germ Oil 1130mg - 100 Softgels


Wheat Germ Oil is cold pressed from Non-GMO wheat germ. It has a broad spectrum of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals essential fatty acids (EFAs), phytosterols, and policosanols. Among its most notable naturally occurring bioactive nutrients are Vitamin E and omega 3.

Sambucus Gummies - Standardized Elderberry, 60 Gummies


Nature's Way - Sambucus Elderberry supports healthy immune function.

Super Tonic, 4oz


Daily immune support. Super Tonic starts with a blend of fresh onion, garlic, ginger root, horseradish and habanero pepper which all come together in this tasty immune support supplement.

Echinacea & Goldenseal Glycerite, 2oz


Fight colds, flu, and everything in between! It is a top seller, and popular not only with children, but adults as well!

Ultimate Flora Baby Probiotic, 2.1 oz


To help give little ones a healthy start, Ultimate Flora 4 Billion Baby Probiotic delivers a blend of scientifically studied, health-promoting strains chosen for their prevalence in infants’ and toddlers’ digestive tract.

PB 8 Pro-Biotic Acidophilus For Life - 60 Vegetarian Capsules


PB8 is a combination of 8 strains and 14 billion naturally beneficial bacteria, at time of manufacture, that promote healthy digestion*. A high quality probiotic acidophilus. Top seller. Very Potent.

BerryDophilus Chewables, 60 count


NOW® BerryDophilus™ provides 2 billion CFU from a combination of 10 clinically validated probiotic bacterial strains designed to support gastrointestinal health and healthy immune system function.

Dairy Digest Complete, 90 Vcaps


Ease temporary discomfort from eating dairy products so you can enjoy the taste and benefits of dairy. 

Neprinol AFD - Advanced Fibrin Defense, 90 caps


Neprinol provides the right blend of systemic enzymes that your body needs for proper circulation and improved joint comfort.

Daily Digestive Bitters - Natural Cacao Mint, 2 oz.


Formulated to help support a healthy digestive system. Our 2 oz. bottle with last for an entire month of daily use.

Gold Ice™ Pain Relief Balm, 2.87 oz.


Gold Ice is an all-natural pain relief salve that provides soothing relief for backaches, joint pains, sprains, and more.  This product gives off an warming/cooling sensation that helps to comfort the body as it heals.

Ear Oil, 2 oz


Our ear oil is gentle enough for babies and children but strong enough for adults! This deeply penetrating blend combines the powerful use of garlic and essential oils to soothe pain and promote healing!

Stop Ache, 100 Capsules


A synergistic blend of herbs for temporary relief of minor aches & pains. We all experience minor pain at some point in our lifetime. 

Green Tea Fat Burner Red,75 caps


Green Tea Fat Burner RED combines a highly concentrated form of Green Tea extract plus natural Caffeine with complementary Chromium Picolinate (Chromax®) to assist with weight management

Keto Feast-Chocolate, 715g


Keto FEAST™ from Ancient Nutrition™ is a delicious shake and meal replacement powered by an impressive list of nutrient-dense foods often missing from our modern diets.

LeptiTrim6 Daytime, 180 Caps


This proprietary formula, with leptin from colostrum, allows you to overcome the five underlying factors that prevent you from obtaining long-term, successful inch loss.*

Women's Hormonal Help - Life Stage 2, 4 oz


New and Improved Formula! For women in their child-bearing years. Aids in balancing hormones to help you function properly during the various changes that happen in this stage of life.

Testo-Strong XY - Men's Hormone Support, 4 oz.


Testo-Strong plays a role in synthesizing the male hormones. While supporting testosterone production and healthy sexual function, Testo-Strong uses an all natural approach using no hormones.

Frischen An Fang - Fresh Start, 270 Caps


Fresh Start was designed to meet all the mind and body needs as a Mineral/Vitamin supplement that features the highest quality, all natural ingredients . This product has been used to treat people who have mood disorders ...

Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak - Orange Flavor, 32 Packets


Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak is an easy-to-fix high performance energy drink with no caffeine, artificial stimulants or artificial ingredients. 1200 mg of Vitamin C!

Vitamin B12 Energy Booster Spray - Raspberry Flavor, 32 servings


B12 Energy Booster spray is a new and revolutionary way to make all the amazing benefits of vitamin B12 available to your body in mere seconds.*

Bee Power Energy Formula, 100 Capsules


Bee Power Energy provides nutrients for the glandular, nervous & circulatory systems which supports energy production & better enables the body to cope with stress.

Power to Sleep PM, 60 ct.


This unique formula is designed to help you relax before bed, to sleep soundly through the night, and to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

Sleep Tonight™ Melatonin Drops, 2 oz.


With L-Theanine and herbals. Fast absorbing liquid, non-habit forming sleep support. Cherry Flavor with other natural flavors. Alcohol free.

Lil' Ones Sleepy Time, 2 oz.


A natural formula that helps your child relax for a restful sleep.

Raw Elderberry and Honey Sambucus Syrup, 8 oz.


This great tasting immune support formula is a combination of raw elderberries, raw honey, echinacea, and other herbs. This sambucus syrup has never been heated or filtered, allowing all the natural benefits to remain potent.

Esberitox® Supercharged Echinacea, 100 Chewable Tablets


Delicious, chewable tablets makes immune-system support easy and enjoyable. Two types of Echinacea enhanced with Wild Indigo and White Cedar.

Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol - Dropper, 4 oz.


A very affective immune support supplement. Recently, Silver has been used most notably in the prevention of colds and flu.

Lil Ones Shoo!, 2 oz


Pedia Para-Free is a gentle parasite designed especially for children who tend to touch and taste everything available, exposing them to germs and parasites. Top Seller!

Parasitische Zerstoren - Child Parasite Destroyer, 180 caps


“Parasite Destroyer” has a unique blend of herbs and botanicals that assist in the removal and destruction of a wide variety of parasites that often invade the body.

VF Syrup, 4oz Top Seller!


Aids in the elimination of worms and parasites. A blend of Black Walnut Leaf, Fennel Seed, Senna Leaf, Tansey Herb, Tame Sage Leaf, Wormwood Herb, Male Fern and Wild Sage Leaf. Most effective when incorporated with fasting and cleansing diet.

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