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Maca For More Than Just Better Sex?

Maca For More Than Just Better Sex?

By: Daniel Laudon

When you have two separate people who don’t even know each other,  both talk to you about the same herb in one week and the amazing effects it is having on their lives, you stop and listen. This happened to me with Maca recently. We have been selling it for quite a while, but  lately, it has been getting a lot of attention. 

Since i’m in the business, people regularly tell me what herbs they are taking and why.  I love this. Although it comes as no surprise to hear about something that grows naturally making a difference in their health. Herbs are food and good food can bring life. I do know some herbs are more powerful than others, and have a bigger impact on a consumer. Maca is one of those power herbs

When you hear someone taking Maca it is likely the Maca root. The plant is native to the Andes Mountains of central Peru, where it grows at elevations roughly between 4,000 and 4,500 metres (13,000 and 14,800 feet). It is cultivated as a root vegetable for its fleshy underground storage organ, which is composed of a small taproot fused with a section of stem known as a hypocotyl.

Maca is filled with antioxidants like glutathione Zion, and superoxide dismutase, antioxidants, help neutralize harmful free radicals, fighting chronic disease and preventing damage to cells. It is also high in some of the buzz ingredients getting attention nowadays such as vitamin C, copper and iron. 

There are six immediate responses that most people look for when taking maca. 

  1. Stamina and energy. This is the biggest thing most people talk about and the fastest response you'll feel.

  2. Increased libido, more sexual desire and quality of sex. It is found in many herbal mixtures designed around the reproductive system.

  3. Weight loss, directly tied into reasons one and two.

  4. Mental clarity, many feel the difference quickly.

  5. Increased abilities to handle stress.

  6. Balancing hormones, while helping with life's cycles, especially menopause. 

  7. While you might not feel it fast, studies have suggested that it strengthens bones and increases bone density.

While this might not be for everyone if you are trying to get pregnant, it greatly increases fertility and post pregnancy it helps the hormone cycle return to normal. Moms have had great results taking it for increased breast milk.

Maca is found in a lot of herbal mixes but is available on its own in capsule form. It doesn't taste too bad (kinda bland) and some prefer the powder.  Adding it to their smoothies before exercising. Using powder makes it more economical when adding larger quantities.

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