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Our Story

The Nature's Warehouse Story





Nature’s Warehouse is  dedicated to promoting natural health. We specialize in providing resources for mothers, fathers and individuals to make their own informed decisions about their health and the health of their families. We are located in NY, OH, IN, and PA.


Today Nature’s Warehouse is defined by in-home local deliveries of healthy foods and supplements and national online and catalog order fulfillment. But Nature’s Warehouse wasn’t born in a delivery van or online shopping cart—instead, it was started as a poor family on a farm trying to make ends meet.





How it all began


Between limited finances and mom’s skepticism of western medicine, seven children were born and raised with precious few doctor’s visits. Except for the twins, which came at the end, all of us were born at home using midwives that specialized in natural childbirth. None of us were given a pacifier and from our earliest years we were fed what nature produced.


We drank raw, unpasteurized milk from our own goats and cows and made cheese. Our meat was homegrown and pasture fed. Because produce was expensive we had a huge garden. Year after year the huge expanse of earth would flourish with tomatoes, peppers, squash (winter and summer), parsnips, leeks, swiss chard, lettuce, radishes, green beans, corn, carrots, and cabbage.


Cabbage. For years, that was our staple winter vegetable. Not only did it grow and store well in our cool climate, it was also cheap to buy when we ran out of homegrown. Mom and Dad bought it by the case and fed it to us nearly every day. It got old. We complained. But they kept feeding it to us anyway.


We were given herbal tinctures and supplements for viruses and bugs. We did cleanses and treated illnesses that came up with more herbs and supplements. We worked and played hard—and got plenty of exercise through both.





Sharing natural health with others


Around 1999 mom and dad decided to begin sharing natural health with others. The first catalog was designed, printed, and assembled in our upstate NY home. The enclosed front porch was headquarters—also doubling as a bedroom for one of us.


We added shelves to the front porch and filled them with products. We began to build relationships with vendors and found out who made quality products we could trust—and which brands weren’t worth your money.


People responded. They wanted more.


We built a building and began to hire help. We figured out how to reach people and let them know what we were offering. People were eager for alternatives to costly medical treatments that came with a load of side effects. They wanted to learn more about how to care for their bodies and make their own health choices.




Our focus today

Today, many find that one of the biggest obstacles to natural health is time. We all have so many things to do and so little time to do them. In continuing our priority of responding to the needs of people, we are focusing on making natural health accessible and routine for even our busiest customers.


Customers in our local delivery ranges can subscribe to weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deliveries of produce, natural food items, and supplements. Our national customers can subscribe to our automatic restock program which send items right to your door whether or not you remember to place your order.


We are excited about these changes and hope that you find them as invaluable as we think you will. We also love to hear your feedback and suggestions! Only you can share with us your biggest needs enabling us to plan for new ways to help you.


No matter where the years take us, the farm is never far away. We still believe that the natural produce and pasture raised-products of small farms is the way of health. This belief undergirds every product selection we make.  We are also committed to providing your family with the same quality of health on which the Nature’s Warehouse family was founded.


Warehouse3_smaller_cooler.jpg Our Latest Warehouse!
New_Warehouse.jpg Our First Warehouse!

The Building of our first catalog, almost 20 years ago!

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