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Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook, by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison


Eat up and Slim down with more than 350 Healthy Recipes. With pantry-stocking advice, time-saving tips & info on how to cook for the entire family!

Dr. Mom's Healthy Living by Sandra Ellis, MH


In Dr. Mom's Healthy Living, Sandra shares experiences in natural healing;and shows you how to take control of your health through diet, exercise, herbal medicine, and more!

Be Your Own Doctor


Take responsibility for your own health and save yourself money by reducing doctor and dentist visits. Rachel Weaver, author and mother of nine, gives many simple herbal remedies for many common health issues.

Mountain Breeze Laundry Soap, 1 gal


This product may actually have the word “soap” on it’s label as it contains natural and raw saponified ingredients to create a real soap instead of using the usual detergent ingredients. 

All Purpose Natural Cleaner - Free & Clear, 32 fl. oz.


A favorite go-to-cleaner for cutting grease, grime and dirt everywhere in your home. See for yourself why fans swear by it.

Disinfectant Spray - Fresh Citrus & Thyme Scent, 13.9 oz.


Eliminate odors and kill household germs. with this no-rinse required Disinfectant Spray.

Stainless Steel lunch mate


Sandwich sized Container Made entirely of stainless steel, can be used in the oven for heating or baking and can also be refrigerated!

Parchment Baking Cups, 60ct


With the inherent non-stick properties of parchment, gently peeling back the natural golden paper will reveal perfectly delicious – and intact – muffins and cupcakes every time!

Glass Food Storage Container, Green


Our glass containers offer a pure taste with no leaching from plastics or metals. Silicone sleeve provides durability and includes button tabs to secure lids during transport

Peppermint Oil, 1 oz


100% Pure Peppermint Oil

Marjoram Essential Oil - 1 oz.


100% Pure marjoram oil

Bergamot Essential Oil, 1 oz.


100% pure bergamot oil

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