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Our Farms

We at Nature's Warehouse constantly strive to find and make available high quality and nutritious options for both you and your family, we’ve continued that in our search for exceptional meat and dairy products to carry. Because knowing where your food comes from is a very important factor in healthy eating, we have partnered with some local family farms so we can both help support the community and offer you the best quality products available. It’s important to us to build and maintain relationships with our farms and suppliers so that we can give the best to you.

Paint Valley Farms

Paint Valley Farms is nestled in Beach City, Ohio. Being a twelve minute drive from our warehouse, we spend plenty of time making sure the dairy products we receive from them are nothing but the best for our customers. We’ve built an amazing relationship with the people at Paint Valley and if you’re lucky, you can catch our managing partner, Dan, stirring cheese curds with the rest of the workers!


Happy Critters Farm

Only a ten minute drive from our Ohio warehouse, we have become quite familiar with their picturesque farm and livestock. Nature’s Warehouse purchases our chicken and turkeys from Happy Critters Farms. Three generations of Miller's work on the Happy Critters Farm. They understand the importance of raising a quality animal and never use antibiotics. Their livestock are grass fed,which makes for a leaner meat. They are never given growth hormones and are GMO free. Because they have always kept their standards so high at this farm, they have chosen not to be USDA Organic certified. They do not want the government interfering in what they can and cannot do with their products. They believe that what they offer is superior to a certified Organic product. Every day the Miller family works hard to provide families like yours with a food that will keep you and your children growing healthier and stronger every day.


Yoders Farm

Located in New York, this is our original Nature’s Warehouse farm. It has been around for over twenty years and has plenty of history. We still use it as one of our beef suppliers for Nature’s Warehouse. Similar to Happy Critters, to keep their standards as high as they are, they have decided to not be USDA organic certified. Though everything they practice is organic, they do not want interference from the government on what they can and cannot do with their products. Nature’s Warehouse prides itself on making sure every company, manufacturer, supplier and farm has good business practices and treats employees and animals with integrity. Stoney Acres does that. Their livestock is fed an organically grown grass diet. They are never pumped with hormones or antibiotics. So you don’t have to worry about what you or your family is eating.



Weavers Farm

Another farm located close to our Ohio warehouse, we are able to watch the cows grow and see how dedicated the farmers are to making great products. We’re so happy to get beef from Weaver’s as they raise their beef on an organically grown grass diet. Their livestock is never fed corn or grain. They are raised with such delicate and detailed care, the farmers produce a meat that is not only outstanding in taste, but also nourishes your body in ways that you can truly feel the difference.


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