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OH/PA Health Emergency

OH/PA Health Emergency

Have you been affected?
I may be a little bit late to the party, but we have a real travesty happening here in Northeast Ohio. Something very scary with what could have long-term health effects on many of our customers. A train derailed had many cars overturned causing a very dangerous situation. For one reason or another, the officials poked holes in the cars and lit the chemicals on fire. What I’m hearing (I don't know for sure) is that it was a chemical mixture used to make PVC pipe. People near the area are reportedly getting very sick from the fumes. There are also accounts of animals suffering, even dying.

Like many other disasters, this one is no different. It is already surrounded by a lot of secrecy from the government. The rumor mill is in full swing, concerned citizens are worried about what is going on and what is really happening. How do these chemicals affect your health? What are short-term and long-term effects?

What do we know For Sure and What Really Matters?
The United States Protection Agency is saying the chemicals the cars contained are vinyl chloride, butyl acrylate, Ethylhexyl acrylate, and ethylene glycol monobutyl.
These chemicals have been and could be continuing to be released into the air, surface soils, and surface waters. In early reports, we were told the chemicals were drained and burnt.
Local authorities evacuated up to a two-mile radius immediately following but shortly after the burn told residents it was safe to return. There are reports of people feeling sick and dying chickens in a 10-mile radius. There are multiple reports and the environmental agency has now confirmed there have been dead fish floating down the river. Reporters have been arrested near or at the site. There are conflicting stories about why but there have been arrests.

My first thought when I heard about this…so, this isn't good, but should we be afraid? I started reading and listening to people who know way more about chemicals and their effects on humans than myself. That led to my second thought, I am going to pack up my family and get the heck out of dodge? As far away from this as possible (I live exactly 50 miles away from the crash site, the exact outside line most reports say are top risk areas). Honestly, that would be the smartest and might still happen.

The thing is by the time I had heard about the derailment, it had been 10 days since the accident and that means my family has been breathing this all that time. I’m not going to go into why it was so long until it hit mainstream media or why officials aren't warning more people (please reach out if you want to talk about this, because I have all the opinions and I’m sure you do too). I did what I always do. I called my mom.

Mom is always a first for all of us kids when there are health concerns. We call her our family doctor. She happens to be in Florida right now and she didn't answer. So, I reached out to Sandra Ellis, AKA Dr. Mom, The author of ”Be Your Own Doctor”, who many of you know and have heard the lecture. After asking for some details about the events, she told me to send links to what chemicals were on board for her to research and she would get back to me. She was familiar with and confirmed some of what I had been reading. These are awful chemicals and research shows direct solid links to toxic build-ups in the system leading to respiratory issues, allergy, and system overloads. With longer-term connections to tumors and cancer.
This was her written response; My immediate suggestion would be to eat lots of fresh smoothies, fruits, and vegetables high in antioxidants. Make sure you are using a water purifier that removes all chemicals and carcinogens. And please tell everyone to take the same mixture of herbs I suggested for anyone that took the vaccine to flush out the toxins and heavy metals found in it. Especially indicated for pregnant or nursing moms.

This is what she had sent for the vaccine cleanse.

There are multiple ingredients in any given vaccine along with the antigen. Many of these, such as aluminum and formaldehyde can end up being stored in the body. This formula has been designed to help detox and draw out these harmful contaminants, so the body can flush them out and eliminate them.

Could be caps or alcohol extract
3 parts - Chlorella,
3 parts - Cilantro,
3 parts - Spirulina,
2 parts - Garlic,
2 parts - Apple Pectin,
2 parts - Bugleweed,
1 part - Alfalfa,
1 part - Activated Charcoal,
1 part - Elderberry,
1 part - Wheatgrass,
1 part - Dandelion,
1 part - Psyllium

P.S. Our super greens have a lot of these same ingredients!

While I don't think I personally will make this exact tincture, I found it helpful to know what vitamins and herbs I should be taking and what I should be adding to my Smoothies. None of these are unusual ingredients and many customers may have a lot of them in their cabinets already. Some other products that vendors have reached out to and suggested that people take for heavy detox.

Bucklebury Zeolite Caps & liquid

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