Nature’s Warehouse Expands Their Healthy Food Initiative For Support of Local Food Pantry

In our ongoing commitment to make local health choices more available we met with Jeff Joliat, owner of Shale Brewing Company last week to learn more about his food pantry. Their pantry is called the North Canton Cares Pantry, which is driven by a single goal; to do their part in helping provide food to individuals and families who have need in North Canton, Ohio. Jeff shared the story of how his daughter Ella discovered the need for food in their community after witnessing some of her classmates going without and wanted to do something about it. So Jeff, working with his daughter put the plan together to launch a food pantry. Since then, The North Canton Care Pantry has become a loving partnership between the North Canton City School District, The Summit County Church, MissionView Church, Shale Brewery, and The Akron Canton Regional Foodbank.

Shale Brewing

Jeff was kind enough to give us a tour and walk us through how they distribute food, which is on a bi-monthly basis. Guests are welcome to shop every 2nd and 4th Monday from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. They distribute groceries at 1300 Pittsburg Ave. NW North Canton, Ohio 44720.

North Canton Cares Pantry

Daniel Laudon, Managing Partner at Nature’s Warehouse, left the meeting with a lot of ideas on how he could help their pantry on an ongoing basis. Nature’s Warehouse is dedicated to promoting natural health and specializes in providing resources for mothers, fathers and individuals to make their own informed decisions about their health and the health of their families. We feel this is an opportunity to not only help fill the need of food to the North Canton Cares Pantry, but offer a healthier source to their cause.

More announcements will be coming about Nature’s Warehouse Healthy Food Initiative in 2021.

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