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An Allergy Story - Daniel Laudon

An Allergy Story - Daniel Laudon

Being the oldest of the seven Laudon children, I was a big part of a lot of my mom’s health tests and studies. She always “experimented” everything on me first. Since I had asthma from a very young age (9 Months), my mom worked tirelessly to control it naturally. My asthma was very bad, as were all my allergies, and there were times that my mom had to turn to a rescue inhaler to help me. This was very hard on my mom. She studied and learned so much through those years, and the changes we made involved healthy lifestyle changes. Her extremist mindset, along with her persistence and determination, meant controlling this situation with diet and natural supplements were the answer.


Stepping out on my own, living the bachelor life in the fast-paced construction world, there were endless fast-food meals. Because who has time to cook a meal after a long hot day on the construction job? Apparently, not me. In those short years, I didn’t realize how much my diet and lifestyle played a big role in my health. I just wanted to eat like a “normal person” without the side effects. Little did I know this lifestyle of unhealthy eating habits was inhibiting me from leading a normal life. Married life came in 2006. Although much had changed in my life, my diet had pretty much remained the same. My wife was raised completely differently from me. That also meant she ate much differently than I did growing up. There were many times when she’d come to my parent’s home where she didn’t always exactly know what it was she was eating but was also open to trying it. After we were married, we ate what she felt was pretty healthy but very much more normal, and at times we did the regular treats such as cake and ice cream, often store-bought.

Throughout our newly married life, my health started slipping. I ended up going to the doctor, something I had never done all my growing up years. The doctor automatically suggested some drugs and allergy medication. By the end of my appointment, I was heading for the door with my script for pills and an appointment with a sinus and allergy medical specialist. I ended up doing all sorts of tests and leaving on three different regular medications. I was reassured that this was a normal response for someone with Asthma that is caused by the environment.

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