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7 Whole Food Snacks For Kids

7 Whole Food Snacks For Kids

Little One’s can be fussy eaters! Their lineup of rejected foods grows longer every day and it can be a struggle to find a healthy & wholesome snack they’re willing to eat. When they turn down amazing snacks like bananas & carrots don’t reach for the sweet & salty treats just yet!  We’ve compiled a list of satisfying swaps featuring the best whole food snacks we offer.


  Applesauce Squeezables

These squeezables contain 100% natural fruit in a convenient on the go pouch so even the busiest of families can enjoy. The best part is? They’re certified Organic! These little pouches are a win for parents everywhere.




Gummy Stars

Gummy Stars are chewy organic snacks made with premium fruit and veggie juices that are sure to entice your little one’s taste buds! No artificial colors or flavorings and non-Gmo, these treats are perfect for an active little adventurer! We love this healthy take on fruit snacks!




Smoothie Snaps

These smoothie snaps are a organic freeze-dried fruit puree and are super popular with the little ones! These yummy snacks are crunchy and 100% dairy free, they don’t contain any added sugar and are packaged in a convenient pouch for easy sharing!

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