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Preterm Pregnancy Support, 4oz

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Calming and Balancing

  • Support a healthy pregnancy

  • Midwife-favorite

  • Support on-time delivery

During the first 13 weeks, about 20% of pregnancies end in loss. C & B Formula is a wonderful combination of the herbs traditionally used to support pregnancy. It can be used at any stage during pregnancy to help with premature labor, including spotting and cramping. 

The uterine calming and hormone balancing provided by this formula can give you the support you need when you need it! This can be especially useful for women who struggle to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Keep a bottle on hand for peace of mind. 

This formula may be taken at different doses, depending on your needs. Some may find relief within hours, while others may take several days. The dosage can vary depending on your needs. Please refer to the label for further instructions. 

Not intended as a daily preventative, use only as needed.​

Suggested Use:

While cramping and/or spotting: Take 3 droppers every 2-3 hours, for up to 12 hours. Then take 2 droppers (1/4 tsp) every 4 hours once the cramping and spotting lessen.

For continuous spotting and cramping: Take 2 droppers 1-3 times daily for 10 days; then try to slowly decrease the doses and be off of it within a week.

Caution: Preterm Pregnancy is designed to be used only by women who are pregnant, and only while cramping or spotting. It is not designed to take continuously, except in cases where the mom tends to deliver early. In this case, start taking Preterm Pregnancy 2 weeks before mom generally delivers (i.e. if mom generally delivers at 32 weeks, start taking C&B Formula at 30 weeks) to help maintain the pregnancy to term.

Always remember to discuss supplements with your healthcare provider prior to use.


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