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Gentle Birth Formula, 4oz

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Childbirth Support

  • Midwife-favorite

  • Enjoy a more comfortable labor and delivery

  • Support a quick recovery

The inspiration for Gentle Birth Formula came from the aged pages of an old but wise midwifery guide, where it was used as a tea to tone the uterine muscles and help prepare the mother to give birth. This forgotten but timeless medicinal recipe was brought to life again in 2001, tested and updated to reflect what modern research has taught us. These herbs were used to make beautiful golden extracts and combined to create an easy-to-take, quickly-absorbed, liquid formulation to help your body be at its best when labor starts. 

Perceived benefits include an easier, shorter, and more comfortable labor and delivery, plus a shorter recovery time. Strengthens & tones the uterus in preparation for labor, speeds healing & recovery. Provides support for a smooth, less painful delivery and may reduce the need to induce labor.

Recommended by midwives and doulas and perfect for making a labor prep tea in the third trimester. Gentle Birth Formula has become a favorite of midwives who attend home births and even doctors comment on the smooth and easy deliveries mothers experience who use it. Today it's used in many countries around the world, including Canada, Europe, Asia, Central and South America, and Australia. Count our Gentle Birth formula among your labor must-haves, and help your body be at its best when labor starts.

Blue Cohosh Disclaimer

Blue Cohosh, an herb categorized as a "partus preparator," has a historical usage spanning centuries in North America, particularly among Native Americans who referred to it as "squawroot" or "papoose root." Traditionally, it has been utilized to prepare the uterus for labor.

Recent studies suggest that Blue Cohosh extract may increase uterine tone, alter contraction levels, widen the range of contractions, and slightly hasten the birthing process. It's worth noting that some literature reports adverse effects on the baby, leading to hesitancy among certain midwives to use Blue Cohosh in this manner. The documented adverse effects are associated with significantly higher doses than typically found in labor preparation formulas. Additionally, there's evidence indicating that individuals with high blood pressure may experience a further increase when taking Blue Cohosh.

 Mountain Meadow Herbs is dedicated to offering safe, natural products that deliver results. With over two decades in business and hundreds of thousands of bottles of Gentle Birth Formula used by our customers, we have never received any reports of adverse effects related to the minimal amount of Blue Cohosh in our partus preparator. 

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