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Eingeweide Starken - Intestinal Strength, 180 caps

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“Intestinal Strength” is a Immune support/Prebiotic, Probiotic Formula. This product is designed to peel off the undigested layer of food that is often stuck to the lining of the intestinal tract. It has helped settle colicing of nursing babies when the mother faithfully supplies her own body with this supplement.

Suggested Use

One to three capsule per day for the first week. Increase intake every by two or three capsules until reaching five teen capsules per day. Continue this level for a minim of three months. Take five capsules 1/2 hours before bedtime. Adult maintenance level is five or more capsules daily for life. Children under twelve should use three capsules daily. Toddlers use 1/2 capsules daily. This product is safe for all ages and safe for pets.

Supplement Facts 


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