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The Weaver Family Story

The Weaver Family Story

Rachel Weaver and her books have long been a staple here at Nature’s Warehouse.  Even after all these years, the books continue to be popular.  

A simple philosophy was the framework of Rachel Weaver’s beliefs.  A dedication to help others through a down-to-earth approach, seeing a need, meet a demand. Rachel’s husband, Myron taught at a small, private Christian school.  One area he felt was lacking was Art Education and although he could not make a change, it stayed with him. During this time Rachel had begun making her own greeting cards.  It was a great way for Rachel to supplement the family’s income and provide encouragement to others through words. The cards did so well the couple arranged to have them printed. This took an unfortunate turn when the printer increased prices.  Printing became so expensive there was no way to make any profit. Myron contacted a printer who lived a couple of hours away from the family and offered to buy the press, on the condition that the current owner would teach him how to run it.  This is how Myron and Rachel Weaver began their printing company Share A Care Publications.  They named the company after the purpose they saw behind Rachel’s cards. 

It took some time and there was a steep learning curve, but after some trial and errors, Myron was able to begin printing commercially.  Myron then began thinking of other areas he could fill a need with the printing company.  Circling back, he remembered Art Education.  Together Myron and Rachel were able to combine their talents.  They created an art curriculum for homeschools and small Christian schools called Art with a Purpose.  While Art with a Purpose flourished, Rachel was pursuing another interest. She began following local midwives in the area, working with, and learning from them.   She began an intense study of herbal remedies wanting to learn all she could, reading books and taking courses.  As her knowledge grew, friends and family started asking her questions about health issues, and she was able to give advice based on what she had learned.

The demand for Rachel’s growing knowledge mushroomed, spread by word of mouth. She was surprised at the number of people who came to her and at the results they experienced based on her suggestions. Their success stories motivated her to keep learning. While studying she discovered Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing had a certified correspondence program.  Rachel began her journey and completed her courses to become a Master Herbalist.

Rachel has passed on her “common-sense information that results from common-sense living” to countless people across the U.S. and Canada.  For years those she had helped urged her to write a book.  A way for them to keep Rachel’s information together, in one place and on hand.

Rachel realized the importance of not allowing all the knowledge she had gleaned to die with her, and Myron encouraged her to “teach people how to use God’s gift of herbs.” She wanted her book to sound like a “cozy chat,” not a textbook, and to include her own recipes so that others could make them. Be Your Own “Doctor” became another Weaver family project—written by Rachel, illustrated by their children, and published by Myron.

Rachel revised the original book and wrote three others. Be Your Own Doctor II is an overflow of information not included in the first volume, Be Your Own Doctor. It is full of practical, common-sense information written in a way that will help you remember what to do during an illness or time of emergency. Be Your Child’s Pediatrician is “a wealth of information … packed with practical advice and personal stories and spiced with the humor of daily life.” Back Yard Pharmacy, illustrated with full-color photographs, explains how to use many plants—even those we call weeds—for healing.

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