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Living Healthy

  • Guide to Alternative Sweeteners
    June 15, 2021 Rena Wright

    Guide to Alternative Sweeteners

    We all know that sugar increases the risk of serious health issues, including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.  We wanted to give you some information about the refining process of sugar, high fructose corn syrup and white flour, including the impact....

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  • Keep Your Sweets & Your Health!
    October 1, 2020 Natures Warehouse

    Keep Your Sweets & Your Health!

    Cinnamon rolls for breakfast, dessert at supper, sweet treats snuck here and there…we all love them!

    Sweets make life—well, just more delicious!

    But we all know that sweets can be bad for our health. Some sweets more than others, and some of us handle them better than others. But even for the healthiest, the kind of sweetener you eat is important. They aren’t all the same. Some sweeteners are just completely bad—ones everyone should avoid as much as possible. Refined sugar (both white and brown) and corn syrup are some of the worse. Not only are they empty of nutrition, but they also raise blood sugar levels, contribute to weight gain, and suppress the immune system. It’s a high price to pay for a few moments of pleasure!

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