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Herbal Calcium Is Helping My Daughters Teeth!

Herbal Calcium Is Helping My Daughters Teeth!

Our children seem to have trouble with their permanent teeth coming in very crooked due to not having enough space. Our friends had a daughter who had trouble with this as well, and they used liquid calcium that has magnesium and vitamin D in it to help it absorb into the body. We could not believe the difference in her teeth in a few months! They went from very crooked to very straight!
I couldn’t believe that just the calcium could do this! Basically, what happens is that the extra calcium being absorbed into their body is helping their gums and jaw to form properly and expand.
Again, I thought it sounded like hocus pocus, until I saw it work. So we decided to try it for our daughter, who is almost eight. In three weeks, this is the difference it made. See pictures.
We got the Dr Christopher Herbal Liquid Calcium from Nature’s Warehouse. She only takes two droppers full each day usually. If she asks for some again in the day I sometimes let her do that. It usually depends on whether we have juice or not. She drinks it in apple cider or orange juice and cannot taste it at all. As you can see we still have a ways to go, but I’m pleased! -Norma Miller
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