Ultimate Flora Baby Probiotic, 2.1 oz

by ReNew Life
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To help give little ones a healthy start, Ultimate Flora 4 Billion Baby Probiotic delivers a blend of scientifically studied, health-promoting strains chosen for their prevalence in infants’ and toddlers’ digestive tracts to foster optimum digestion and immune function.

  • Gluten Free

For infant to 3 years:Take 1 level scoop per day. You may start with 1/2 scoop for the first 5 days to acclimate to this new inclusion to the child’s diet.

For 4+ years: Take 1 level scoop per day (may be repeated up to 3 times per day).

Mix with cool or room-temperature infant formula, juice, milk or other liquid immediately before use. Stir until mixed.Do not mix with hot liquid or food.


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