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Natural Wool Dryer Balls, 3 Count

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Avoid toxic dryer sheets and fabric softeners — you don’t need them! Our Wool Dryer Balls naturally soften fabrics while reducing your drying time by up to 30%!

  • Significantly reduces drying time by keeping laundry tumbling freely in the dryer

  • 100% pure New Zealand wool balls help to naturally soften fabrics

  • Perfect for use on all laundry, including towels, linens, clothing, baby laundry, and more

  • Long-lasting and naturally anti-microbial

  • Leaves no lint or fibers behind

  • Safe for use in all dryers

  • Replace after 3 years… or after your dog has hauled it off and played with it for hours!

How to use 

For naturally soft laundry and faster drying time, every time

Step 1. Toss your Natural Wool Dryer Balls into your dryer. 

Step 2. Add your wet laundry and start your dryer. 

Step 3. Remove your laundry — just leave those Natural Wool Dryer Balls in the dryer for your next load!

How many Wool Dryer Balls do you need? 

3-6 Wool Dryer Balls for a regular load of laundry

6-9 Wool Dryer Balls for larger loads, towels, or sheets

We always recommend keeping a few extra Wool Dryer Balls on hand for when your dog runs off with one thinking it’s their favorite chew toy! 

PRO TIP: Dirty dryer ball? No problem! Place the dirty wool balls into a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase and launder on a warm, delicate cycle. Then, put the balls in a sunny window until completely dried before returning to the dryer.

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