Boneless chicken Breast Tray Pack, avg 1 lb

by Gerbers Chicken
Save 5%

Feed your family the chicken raised on better feed. Gerber’s Amish Farm Chicken® is the first chicken that tastes like chicken. 

The chickens are raised on Amish family farms with plenty of room to roam. Their diet consists of the highest quality vegetarian feed.

NONE OF THE BAD STUFF IN ORDINARY CHICKEN. Absolutely no antibiotics, by-products, arsenic, hormones or steroids

Our better feed, coupled with healthful conditions of the house, promote the natural behavior of our chicken to eat and grow at their own individual paces. In contrast to today’s industrialized grow out processes, our traditional methods allow chickens to be raised without the use of  antibiotics which are commonly used in the industry as an accelerant to artificially enhance growth.

Customers from all over tell us that, "Our chicken tastes like the chicken they had growing up." Gerber’s fresh chicken products have developed a reputation for excellence in quality and service for customers in varied markets.


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