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The path To Natural Motherhood Starts Here.

Starting a family is one of the most rewarding life experiences. Having children is an ancient and natural impulse, yet it can prove difficult for some people. Furthermore, modern pollution and chemicals in food have been linked to reproductive health issues. Though having babies may have come sooner than expected for your family, natural contraception can help you space them out.

From our founder Cari Laudon, Nature's Warehouse was born out of the heritage of strong moms. Her experiences forged connections with Dr. Mom and Rachel Weaver from the very beginning. In addition to being incredible mothers, they were also doctors to their own families, which led them to write books about family health, paving the way for others.
To provide our vital information and resources, we are creating a community dedicated to the 3 phases of motherhood. You will receive direct articles on the challenges you are facing, along with sales tailored to you and your family, when you sign up for the community that best suits your needs. Additionally, you can contact Dr. Mom, one of our other midwives, or Cari herself with direct questions!

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